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-class families face the distinct possibility of higher tax rates in january. with so many americans who are still struggling to find their economic footing after the deepest recession of our lifetimes, these looming tax hikes would be hard for those middle-class families and they are completely unnecessary. newspaper stories day after day on the so-called fiscal cliff often omit that the senate has passed legislation to shield 98% of families and 97% of small businesses from the income tax part of this so-called fiscal cliff. we passed the middle-class tax cuts act on july 25 of this year and we sent the measure to the house of representatives. did speaker boehner and the republicans in the house promptly pass this popular bill and send it to president obama for his signature? did they move to protect 98% of middle-class families from this tax hike in january? no. no. they decided to hold the middle-class tax cuts passed by the senate hostage in an attempt to push for tax cuts for the folks they care the most about, the top 2% of highest earning households. republicans fighting for millionaires a
between us is we won the large multinational companies to pay proper taxes here in the u.k.. we believe you do that by having lower tax rate and we reduce the rate of corporation tax but by making sure they declare their income properly. that is why on this specific issue of transfer, companies have been pursuing strange practices to pretend there revenues aren't delivered in the u.k. and run down their tax bills. .. >> the entry of the energy bill to parliament now means we can get out there and sell to all of the energy companies the very clear and stable framework that the u.k. has for offshore wind, for nuclear, for renewables and, indeed, for gas. i think it's a very positive development, there's a huge amount of potential, pent-up investment, and we need to make sure that results in british jobs and apprenticeships, and the government is fully committed to making that happen. >> [inaudible] pruitt. >> the prime minister obviously believes within the leveson report, there exists something that is bonkers. how would the prime minister give the views of his planning minister
pledge to not raise taxes? >> guest: it's not up to me to decide what violates and what doesn't but i don't think so. i think keeping tax rates where they are is the question and you can increase revenue without increasing the tax rate partly by that and a more efficient system. it distributes investments away from the nonproductive loopholes towards things that generate economic growth and that's something that paul ryan has been a leading advocate of. so i think this is a really smart proposal by the speaker, and it was -- i was pleased to see every republican. it wasn't just his name. it was extremely significant. hopefully the white house understands that means a unity of the republican leadership at that table, and if there's unity there i assure you there is in the republican conference. >> host: here's a letter to the white house with of the signatures of the leadership team including paul ryan of the budget committee. a lot of the callers have talked about the lack of detail in the proposal. what loophole deductions do you get rid of an order to bring in more revenue? >> guest: ag
duty increase, freezing tax are raising the personal allowance next year he thinks will be most benefit for the family? >> what i would say to my honorable friend is with have to take some difficult decisions. we've had to take difficult decisions on welfare of bring along tax breschel, operating but i try to help families were can with the personal allowance, with fuel duty. i've tried to help business. it will be extremely welcome. >> how can the chancellor seriously attend he -- [inaudible] when the 7 billion pounds he referred to today we take up to seven years to realize at the rate of 1000 a year against the rate of tax avoidance of 35 billion year? when the general anti-avoidance will be also refer to is far too narrowly drawn to be effective, and if you would listen to this, when he himself is actually now introducing a tax cut, tax havens from 23% to just 5%. >> what i would say is i don't think he's got the right figures. we are increasing the amount recovered of taxes that should have been paid from 13 billion under the labour government to 20 billion. it's an 11 billion poun
for the thousands pass a middle-class tax cut which we approved here in the senate in july. as the days until the country goes over the fiscal cliff goes by, more and more republicans have joined our chorus. they recognize that the willing misto compromise sooner has put them in a real bind. so reasonable republicans are asking the house leadership to allow a vote on the senate-passed legislation. what was once a trickle has become more of a flood. last week republican representative tom cole said it was time to give middle-class families certainty their taxes won't go up by $2,200 on average on january 1. then tim scott from north carolina ad admitted that the senate-passed tax cut will surely pass the house since it will take only 26 republican ren votes for passage. i don't most of the time agree with david brooks but no one can dispute this columnist for "the new york times" is brilliant in writing. he's a great, great journalist and explains things so well. i really have great admiration for him. he wrote yesterday, "republicans have to realize they are going to have to cave in on tax ra
decide what you're going to do now i once those taxes go up. and then when january 2nd come up, you get a committee together, and you solve the problem. i mean, how is that going to affect everyone when it comes to taxes? is it going to be the same, or will it be different? i mean, do we have to do it early? can we do it in january? >> guest: well, i would argue that there are two pieces to the fiscal cliff in that you have to do amt this year, and you -- because unless you really intend people to pay that additional tax. it would be very hard in the middle of the tax filing system to reverse that decision. now, you are, i think, correct in the second piece of the fiscal cliff. that is the tax rates that will apply next year. arguably, you don't have to take action this year, you have the whole of next year during which you can reach resolution to that issue. now, the only reason why i think that's an extraordinarily bad idea is i think it would be viewed quite unfavorably by the financial markets. and so you could see a reaction. and it is really bad tax policy to be legislating in
a month, nearly $400 billion in tax increases will combine with sequestration, more than $100 billion in mandatory across-the-board spending cuts over one year, to drag our nation over the so-called fiscal cliff. what those tax increases mean to an average american family of four earning $50,000 a year is over $2,000 in higher income taxes. add to that expiration of the alternative minimum tax patch, new taxes mandated by the federal health care bill, and the reinstatement of the death tax, which will impact the next generation of farmers, ranchers, and small business owners, which americans will see the largest tax increase in the history of our country. if all of this happens, the congressional budget office predicts the nation's economy will shrink next year and the unemployment rate could rise again. in other words, we go back into recession. i believe we can avoid the fiscal cliff and address our massive deficit but that requires doing three essential things: reforming our tax code, reforming entitlement programs, and better controlling our spending. we can get additional revenue
. >> this is helping tax my own party headquarters and my own party members. i thank the executive to get to that. a recent attack on party colleagues and offices and constituency offices and staff threatened intimidation from loyalists, and if confirmed, all threats of political motivated violence will be triggered by republican attacks. >> discussing this for mr. david this morning, if it is unacceptable, all that staff were intimidated in any way comment and i know that the justice minister and i will continue to defend the ability of politicians in northern ireland to carry out their duties. >> questions for the prime minister? dr. julian lewis, number one, mr. speaker. >> before i answer my hon. friend's question i am sure the house will wish to join me in thanking the duke and duchess of cambridge on the wonderful news they are expecting their first child, the perfect piece of news to end and in court a -- extraordinary jubilee year. joining the question on afghanistan veteran global security from the al qaeda presence in afghanistan has been significantly reduced in large part the result o
conversations] [laughter] we are talking about what extent a middle-class tax breaks for me to middle-class families. today at 2:00 p.m., people can ask the president questions on twitter with the hash tag my 2k. after that, this come in this afternoon from the president has a bilateral meeting with the prime minister of bulgaria and this is an important relationship with bulgaria. the president will deliver a speech about 4:00 p.m. commemorating the 20th anniversary of the threat reduction program, which as you know, was authored by richard lugar. it has resulted in a regime that allows us to achieve our the president's highest priorities, and that is to secure safety around the world. it is important have to remember that when it comes to these kinds of objectives, democrats and republicans, we can come together and see very important things come and the president looks forward to this. we also want you extend our congratulations to the duke and duchess of cameras that they are expecting their first child. >> i haven't had that conversation with them. in another they feel that havin
%. but the one thing they are certain is that taxes will increase. and in the next four years how it affected you think the federal government will be on each of the following issues. we read a list of these issues, we rotated those. this is how it basically stacks up. ensuring long-term future of entire programs such as social security and medicare, 65%. 64% creating jobs, 64% improving public education, growing the economy, creating a business environment that allows for innovation. lowering the federal deficit actually false down to 40. not as much confidence there as a part on the other side. we been said the training faces a number of challenges including but not limited to large budget deficits, national debt, slower economic recovery, high unemployment, deep political divide on many issues. do you believe we will overcome these challenges in the foreseeable future as we've done in the past, or do you think these are unique set of challenges that are so serious that we might not be able to overcome those challenges? two-thirds of voters, 67%, say we will be able to do that. 31% have concern
for tax reform will be some of the lead folks who are shepherding whatever kind of framework, hopefully comes out of the fiscal cliff to their committees to help develop the details of how to do entitlement reform and tax reform. so we are very like you have with us today chairmen bockius who is somebody who's been thinking about these ideas for quite some time, hazard immense amount of expertise and will talk to us today about where the situation stands and where hopefully we will be able to move from there. thank you so much, senator. [applause] >> thank you very much, maya. thank everyone here for fix the debt, putting the fix to get conference together. this is an interesting senate. have my back to all these a luminaries here. i don't know whether there will be darts in my back or spitballs, whatever it's going to be, but it's good to be here and try to help any way i can. i first want to commend erskine bowles and senator alan simpson, retired coalition for your laserlike focus on this. you are engaging the american people, however. drawing attention to fiscal challenges that thre
-side economics. why when you cut taxes, which are just like a prize, you reduce costs across the economy and allow the united states to expand its global share of the market for enterprise and wealth and that's why supply-side economics works. it's not merely by balancing the budget for overcoming diet or one of these accounting gimmicks that are often treated as conservative economics. it's opening horizons of the economy to human creativity. creativity always comes as a surprise to us. so you cannot plan it. if you plan it, you wouldn't need it. >> mr. gilder, can mitt romney used the phrase politically supply-side economics quiets >> i think he could. in all, he's surviving the vatican inspiration and that book fair was quoted more -- made me president reagan's most quoted living author. he quoted that book regularly throughout his administration. reagan didn't ounce the budget. actually during the reagan administration, there is a dollars increase in government debt overall. he was winning the cold war. but the private sector increased its assets by some $17 trillion under carter we
this summer in july, i guess it was july 24, a tax cut for middle-class families, meaning we would continue the tax rates for those families. that kind of certainty is badly needed right now. so one of the best things that could rap right now is the house could vote and the president would sign into law legislation that would provide certainty for middle-class families. 98% of american families, and some 97% of small businesses. so it's time for the house to act. secondly, i think we have to take steps to make sure that we're creating jobs at a faster pace, as i mentioned before. i'm introducing legislation today to help middle-class families and -- middle noik families and to boost hiring. it would expand the payroll tax cut from last year for one year and give employers a tax credit for hiring. and i'll be talking about that legislation. now, the payroll cut that we -- tax cut that we put into place last year had a number of benefits. i won't go through all of those today but the joint economic committee, the committee of which i'm the chairman, just put out a report in the last 24 hours,
tax cuts, in the white house, they called biden the mcconnell whisperer, and the horse whisperer, and the way, one for you, one for me, and that's the way you make a deal. >> this moment, look to you we have a deal by christmas eve, new year's eve or over the cliff? >> who knows. somebody who thinks they know is only guessing. maybe there's a strategy in the white house, you know, by a certain date they'll work it out. >> play book, we always start the morning with the papers. we still love the print papers, assistant of the washington post, which, this morning, says fiscal warning yet to phase wall street. the stock markets are convinced that the fiscal drama is going to work out. the financial times has the opposite headline. they say wall street anxiety grows so which of these is more true? >> you know, -- [laughter] on wall street, they live in a zone of peaceful coexistence of optimism and pessimism. you can talk to somebody in the investment world in wall street, and in the morning, they are optimistic, and in the afternoon, they are pessimistic. i think one, you know, don'
of the fiscal cliff negotiation. after that, joe shaw looks at the estate tax, which is set to go up the end of the year plus, your e-mails, phone calls, and tweets. "washington journal" is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. now come in a discussion of how the military and national security might be a affected by spending cuts at the first of the year. part of the so-called fiscal cliff. former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mike mike mullen, was joined at how services committee. this is a less than an hour. >> good afternoon. thank you for coming. my name is peter peterson. i would like to give you a review of why we are supporting this project today. starting about 30 years ago, after studying the profound demographic trends, on the vast and unfunded promise we have made. i have decided was not unsustainable, but a primary threat to the future. speaking of unsustainable, in the nixon white house in which i served, the chairman of the council, if something is unsustainable, he says it continues to stop. or if you don't like that, if your worst eyes, i suggest that you does not dis
and bring together existing ones. fourth, we are going to cut business taxes go further. let me tell you how. the temporary doubling of the small business rate relief scheme helps the small firms were 350,000 firms paying pay no right at all. the last government, we will end it in 2011, we have already extended its next april. and i extended by a further year to april 2014. we also confirmed the tax relief for our employees and shareholders. the energy bills provide renewable energy and we publish our gas strategy today to make sure that we make the best use of lower-cost gas power, including new sources of gas and went and we consenting the creation of a single office of regulation. we don't want families and businesses to be left behind as gas prices come on the other side of the atlantic. [cheers] we are going to help our construction industry as well. the last government abolished property release. my humble friends, the members of the southwest and others show that this has blighted development in our towns and cities. the proposal for my colleagues, that we create a long grace. for new
their tax money will be spent. so, again, and i would tell you transportation costs a whole lot more to build a mile of highway today because we've tried to make it available, and it's become expensive because we've added all these rules and regulations, all these requirements. you know, a large portion, about 18% of the federal highway budget, doesn't go to build the first bridge, highway or road. it goes for enhancements. it's not something that the people of oklahoma necessarily want. they could do it if they wanted to, but we mandate the percentage you have to spend on something other than that from a gas tax from putting gas in your car. to me, that's ludicrous. you know, "the debt bomb" is about what's getting ready to happen to our country, why it's getting ready to happen and what the possible solutions to get out of it are. here's a great example of how we got in trouble in the first place. because what our founders believed was that we were to have a very limited central government. and i absolutely believe that we should have a limited central government. but it should be
surged into neighboring turkey, jordan, lebanon and iraq taxing the limits of those countries capacities and creating a regional crisis. the escalation of violence has reached a point where the fighter jets have been used to kill civilians standing in bread line according to the human rights watch. it's hard to comprehend that happening in any country. but that is what has played out. this regime's shucking capacity for the widespread terror and grow as we see the reports of a chemical weapons have been prepared for use. meanwhile the international institutions have largely remained on the sidelines and the reprehensible policies on the russian and chinese governments. the administration was right to initially work for the united nations but unfortunately due to chinese and the chinese intransigence these efforts have served to prolong the syrian people. we need a new course. the ambassador for, i know that you have heard from him already. the ambassador has led the charge in coordinating the humanitarian assistance. let me share a few thoughts on this brave american, the ambassador for.
to be very difficult for republicans in the house to tell the american people that everyone's taxes are going out in order to provide this extra tax break on the amount of income about to enter the $50,000 which is exactly why tom cole has said let's not roll the dice on that issue. the question is rather, just talking about house politics now that isn't a good place to be. and that placed the policy wise and politically and therefore demonstrated a willingness to address the issue i would like to see it today not in the scenario that you are talking about. >> i'm with the potomac research group. what i hear you saying is the negotiators are probably going to use a baseline that is different from the congressional budget office and senator warner talks about getting savings from the tax rates going up on what the americans. as i understand, it is already built into the cbo baseline. so, in terms of getting to that four to 6 trillion-dollar how much are we talking a lot in terms of real savings and in terms of tax increases, and how much are we talking about in terms of coming you know, just a
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about low taxes are free markets was he was described as being cold and evil. the data never hugged you and the basis of a liberalism, the data never hugged. he didn't hate the poor. he ate the poor. a consequence of this, republicans don't really fight back. we assume that we are cold and we don't know what to do about it except continually make the economy work while we let the liberals destroyed and then we come in every two years and fix it. but right now -- [applause] common sense is viewed as intolerant. the nicest thing you can say to somebody no matter who it is is to get a job. the nicest thing you can say. when you're walking down the street and there's a guy panhandling and you say get a job, you're complimenting him. you are saying that you have the will and the means to get a job. but now these days if you say that, you are seen as mean and intolerant to assume people have the power to act of their own volition. that is where we are at now, that we can think of ourselves as a person he can take care of themselves. you are a bigot. i never thought i would see compassionate c
dwindle and taxes are set to go up for millions of families and businesses, republicans in the house finally showed up at the negotiating table. and now we know why they've been holding their cards so close it their vest. their proposal would raise taxes on millions of middle-class families. their plan to raise $800 billion in revenue by eliminating popular tax deductions and credits would reach deep into pockets of middle-class families. republicans are so intent on protecting low tax rates for millionaires and billionaires, they're willing to sacrifice middle-class families' economic security to do so. at the first of the year, middle-class families, will get an average of $200 i,200 in additional taxes they'll have to pay. their proposal was short on specifics but we do know from independent analysis that it is impossible to raise enough revenue and make a dent in our deficit without using one of two things -- raising tax rates on the top 2% or raising taxes on the middle class. and, as my friend, the senior senator from missouri, said on the sunday talk shows, the speaker has to
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as long as the ship was paid in excise tasked you could tax since before the united states. but joseph kennedy limited and he refused to pay the excise tax people said here's the program here is the smoking gun. well i found this kennedy and i looked at the business records and the tax records and so no bootlegging of any sort. here and then we will go across to what extent did john kennedy know of his father's relationships with multiple women. [laughter] >> yes and i think there are no cavities in the audience here jack was much more predatory even then his father was joe kennedy spent, joe kennedy and rose had an arrangement much like her father fi had an arrangement with rose's mother and then do whatever the hell i want, and he didn't. he tried not to embarrass rose. i don't think jack had that same code that is inexcusable, gloria swanson, one of the things i found as i went to austin texas to see the glorious papers and i teach ph.d. students i'm the only historian who's made the trip to austin texas which has these great archives including the lbj library to look at the gloria
and reached out across the aisle on various things with regard to economic reform, tax reform, immigration reform. i think -- well, i don't have a crystal ball. i think that there is little doubt that the president would be willing to compromise if the other party is willing to meet him part of the like. the other party has a job to see how much it can get for its site , and given, you know, the issues we have been through, such as the fiscal cliff, the fact is there is no way out of these issues without compromise. but i do think we will see compromise on something like immigration reform because demographics, the republicans as well as the democrats recognize that there has -- they have to show some support for immigration reform if they are not going to in the case of the republicans. lose the hispanic population permanently to the republican party. so the president has already shown willingness to compromise. and all of the data shows that republicans are the party that has moved further to the right and the democrats have moved to the left, although both parties have moved to the extr
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. they don't want to pay the whiskey tax. hamilton has figured out -- >> its attacks on grain by the way. >> the excess grain that farmers use after they have barely pay their rent, they are in pittsburgh and western pennsylvania, i'll pass carlisle but anyway they are paying rent back to the east on their land and they are barely making any money and all of a sudden they have got this opportunity to make money with it excess grain and so whiskey and then they will be taxed on it. basically there is an argument made by bill hoagland whose book, founding fathers, they are drinking whiskey there at the reading. he writes about this and i used him. basically the idea is that hamilton and washington and everyone was saying during the war, these british are making us pay. they created this idea public debt and that funds their army and its horrible. they are making us pay as columnist. we have to pay the higher prices on stuff to fund their debt. they go to war and its horrible. they come to the army and they say why don't we start the public debt. we will start that whole sinking fund thing
in the street and a picket lines, is hoping for a tax cut so you can get a wage increase. so finances absolutely fundamental. exactly as you said, to discipline people and the competition which leaves that -- means that they tend to identify there interests of the corporation in order to be competitive and not with other workers. in fact, they look to saving their job in helping somebody else. >> there is a broader and logger aspect of this as well. the long run is that and a sense we need to say that the great organization that emerged through the late 19th century, the first half of the 20th, the trade unions, socialist parties, that turned out to be successful primarily in the sense of allowing the members to become individual customers. and for a time course successfully so. and part of that individual consensus that was one, even though welfare was oriented. it will to be consumers. it was explained. kings and economics. and the labor movement facilitated that. it could not happen without it. in part of that was, okay, instead of a wage increase we will win the pension benefit or we will wi
liberties union, americans for tax reform, electronic frontierg foundation. you've got people across the political spec drum and 95 companies that might otherwise be suing each other sometimes. there's apple, microsoft, at&t,g intel, adobe, a lot of the largu companies in this space are behind this legislation. i think it has a lot of energy behind it. the bill coming out of committee with a good, strong bipartisan support is going to strength in the coalition, strengthened the effort. i agree that there needs to be more discussion of this legislation. there needs to be hearings early next year. but i think we have a good starting point now in a good place from which to move forward. >> host: konrad motyka, how often in your job to use the e-mail searches or cell phone searches? >> guest: my primary experience has been in the investigation of organized crime and narcotics. i personally haven't made tremendous use of that as a tool in that particular arena. so i don't want to put myself out there someone who uses it all the time. if i could address briefly what was said earlier, law-e
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and supported by the federal tax code and this is still how most americans get their health care today. health coverage. so insurance coverage and access to health care depends on whether you are employed and where you are employed, whether your employer chooses or is able to provide health benefits and what kind and how much cost your employer is willing or able to cover. a system based on employer health coverage excludes a lot of people. people who look for smaller employers, the unemployed, women who temporarily leave the workforce to have children and the retired don't have access to insurance. rationing by employment means people who retire lose health coverage at a time they will probably start to need it the most. it was this flaw in the and women based health system that led to the creation of medicare in 1965. medicare itself is a system of rationing by age. there's no logical reason to give all people over 65 a completely different kind of health coverage than people under 65 but that is the way the health system evolved, creating incremental programs to try to cover the gap. and we
it, with a need of comprehensive bipartisan plan that addresses revenue, including pro-growth tax reform, spending, and entitlements. they are involved in the organization called campaign to fix the debt founded by bowles and simpson, led by thought leaders on both sides of congress. we believe the campaign makes a difference in pushing congress smartly and responsibly to enhance a comprehensive deal. i encourage you to lead and get involved and fixthedebt.org, and if you want information afterwards, i'd love to talk to you about it. in the meantime, we recognize health care plays a significant role. controlling health care costs is linked directly to the fiscal security. we spend 16% of the gdp in the u.s. on health care. for this, we have lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality than any developed country. we are much more obese. we overuse medical services much more. u.s. has 26.6mris for every 1 million patient population. that compares to 6.8 units for developed countries. chronic illness is rapidly increasing, 735% of the health care dollars today is spent on chronic c
know this: that pleas for immediate action, for jobs, for tax justice, for climate action will, at best, be met with proposals for modest accommodation and half measures and that the struggle for deep, systemic change will be met with fierce opposition. so an all-important conclusion emerges. namely, that the prospects for systemic change will depend mightily on our democracy and on the power of the social and political movement that is built. transformative change, and even most of the proposals for reform offered by progressives in washington today, will not be possible without a new politics in america. so a pro-democracy political reform and building a new, progressive movement in america must be priority number one. in the end, it all comes down the to the american people and the strong possibility that we still have it in us to use our freedom and our democracy in powerful ways to create something fine; a reborn america for our children and grandchildren. we can realize the new american dream, an america the possible, if enough of us join together in the fight for it. this new dre
administers price is. they are called taxes. so lower tax rates expand the economy and we need more revenues for the government and less zero-sum struggles over government favors. >> we been talking books tv but george gilder, author of several books with the new addition of george gilder, which came out originally in the early 80s. this is a tv on c-span 2. >> now i program from the up to the archives. fatima bhutto kameny said former pakistani prime minister, benazir bhutto, talks about growing up in a family powerbrokers. may suffer chronicles her close relatives including her own father who were assassinated by political. benazir bhutto was sworn in as prime minister of pakistan on december 2nd come in 1888. this is about an hour 15. >> back at home this evening. in the kitchen cooking at winning to my parents bedroom and sat as they watch television on the bed. he was a little child then in this so easy to take care of. we were lazily watching boston's ace, a show made in the 19th 60s about the same astronauts. there's nothing else on. sophie was laying on his stomach, hat in hand sand
think it is a nice tax that we have done because it looks like a high-tech has met fashion and has excellent grip and it has an easel design with the sleeve to anchor your kindle fire in place and we will a third of the quantity right now and right here i hope you are calling would love to a sure way. aaron berger thank you exhibition for i might not see you tomorrow and that makes me sad. aaron. >>guest: shar shanno >>host: look at bill duggan he's like my boy saturday and kenya family downs families and spoon the grapes as wealth that is for later. we have apple mac book pro around the corner of this was also done for me for this show and the show only. if you want to enter the world of vacuum know how famous they are for operating system when it comes to their videos and graphics if this is also in salad quantities it is coming up next. thanks and welcome to spotlight your code to guide your hsn we want to beat the rush and avoid the crowds. you can get all of your holiday shopping reaches a website check out our gift store type in key words tiffs jewelry and so much more
the whiskey tax. hamilton has figured out -- >> [inaudible] spent on the grain the farmers raise, after that barely paid the rent, there in the far, there in pittsburgh, out in western pennsylvania. out past carlyle. again what, they're paying rent back on their land. they are barely making any money. then all of a sudden they've got this opportunity to make some money with your excess grain and so whiskey, then you'll be taxed on. and basically there's a really good argument made, they're drinking whiskey at the reading, he writes about this, and i used him. and basically the idea is that hamilton and washington, and it but it was saying during the war, these british, they're making us pay, they create this idea of public debt. and it funds the army and its horrible, just horrible. they're making us pay as colonists, we have to pay a higher price and stuff to fund the debt. it's horrible, horrible. so they go to war. then they start the work and they say why don't we start public debt. we will start the whole sinking fund, and to do that after the war hambleton tries to create the mode
on the job, bring back tax revenue for local governments to repair, rebuild, and restore a sense of normalcy. we are already over 9 percent unemployment before the storm. if history teaches us anything from hurricane to train it is that unemployment dramatically rose subsequent. that is a big challenge. to economically rebuild new jersey we also need to rebuild the jersey shore. and that is a $38 billion tourism economy in our state. and the jersey shore is not just about summer homes. sometimes, you know, a huge misconception. it has been transformed into year-round communities. the next two slides show the importance of some of what senator schumer was talking about. stockton college did a study of the army corps speech engineering programs before and after the storm. what it found was unambiguous. where the army corps was able to complete a beach engineered project, the defense held. the damage to communities behind the project was either negligible or manageable. so here is a before and after photo at surf city which received beach engineering in 2007 as part of the u.s. army corps long
. they held him without bail on charges of evading taxes. after 11 months in custody, repeatedly being denied medical care, he died at age 37. russia's top investigative commission said he died of heart disease and hepatitis. he could have survived with basic medical care. a parallel report said he died because of a beating in prison. over time prison officials were dismissed but got jobs elsewhere. russian authorities occasionally raised the prospect of looking into this thing thoroughly but ignored evidence linking police officials to magnitsky's death. some of those involved even received medals for meritorious service by the russian government. sergei magnitsky's death is part of a troubling belief on human rights in russia. activists are harassed for speaking out against fraud, corruption or denial of basic rights. we saw what happened with sergei magnitsky when he tried to speak out against corruption. i'm saddened that the leadership of a great nation such as russia is resorting to these hideous tactics. they are a throwback to the soviet era, the worst of the soviet era. our fr
of your talk about fix the budget. aside from all of us being willing to pay more taxes or having to pay more taxes and staying in shape, i would like you to expand on the idea of what individuals can do to be personally responsible to fix the data. >> well, there's a short-term aspect in a long-term aspect. in the short term, you know, we're going to have to fix it because we postpone this so long and it's going to be a blend of taxes and entitlement changes. for the individual today probably speak their voice. that's the best thing we can do today. they truly believe we have to speak her voice because if we don't come at some point in time this will come on down on us as a country and have worse consequences. in the long run, for us to be affect it would have to get over the entitlement program. that doesn't mean we take impediments away from people appear to make it much more productive. our goal is an organization is to take the responsibility on by lowering the cost of health care and innovative ways that pushes risk from one organization to another, which is what insurance companie
for the use of human and tax, reads another organism described in the modern vernacular and sold under several thousand different brand names. these sprays, and dust are almost universal. gardens, forests, homes. they have the power to deliver insight -- [inaudible] and to linger on the soil. all of this -- [inaudible] can anyone believe it is possible to lay down without making it unfit for a life in the nation not to be called insecticide. >> i remember scenes like that. to some of your member seen fogging tracks through the neighborhoods quiet it was certainly a different time. well, rachel carson did not live to see the environmental movement blossomed and flow out of what she started. she was halfway through "silent spring" when she discovered she had breast cancer ended with an advanced stage and was not diagnosed well. her treatment was inadequate to halt the disease and so she continued to fight her illness during the second two years. it took about for years to write the book and she was sick about half the time of her cancer and a variety of other illnesses. but she was a strong pers
download the application to tax for free forever hello america!-- ext >>host: we love this.i am to vein two a day i need readers or glasses. --toadmit >>host: -share lack of sleep. >>host: by the way you can do it with books. again, people my family with visual acuity problems.is actually blind. if you need to get large print books, a lot of them are not available in large print.when you do they are usually more expensive and frankly really big. obviously there are more pages. >>guest: look how big this is. 14 times. for anybody else in america needs or wants a large size look how large. and if for any reason you cannot see it you can have it read to you. >>host: when you download the application for free texting it will read to you. the kindle is the only one i know that reads to you or your kids. there you go. [reading] >>guest: you never know what you get when you play an aesop fable. >>host: in the first 10 minutes half the people ordered half of the people who have called our new shoppers. that tells me with your shopping a little or a lot we that can pole is available elsewher
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card you will be charged $39.99, we will take car the shipping and handling. add tax to the first payment. what are you the kindle fire air. this is not a surprise or who is that? this is the kindlein., this is the perfect gift idea. i love this size for the kids or the grandparents they love the 7 in. it will fit in the palm of their hand. it is easy to hold.it will quickly respond to what you want to do. 3 cows skinny it is. it is west than -- c13 skinny it is. the case has been extremely popular >>guest: the color pink just sold out. we have black and white, we do love other cases once this 1 sells out. this is a nice style this is the final two colors and i think they are fabulous. if you like the case, and out is the great time to get in on the case.there are 1000 cases and we are not getting any more, good luck. that is my best advice. tanda people are calling and i have done a couple of presentations obviously because 17,000 are gone. at the end of my presentation we normally have 300 or 400 people on hold.if you call us now there is a whole situation, and in other five mi
do this again. for $49.90. >>guest: there is no this was a taxing, time consuming, undertaking that i very green and red but it was a blessing to pull this off in time for the holidays at this price point because we can say, this is fun to do this but i know i christmas, i have a budget and what to be able to buy gas for this special people in my world better special and i want something neat and unique and special and not over $100. to be able to bring tea this to you for under $50, i was tickled. i was kind of shock that we are able to do that. >>host: at $49.90, this is a home run.for if you would like parent would like to head back to the funds by use express jumping into night, closing in on close to 15,000 spoken for what a tree, with you with them with their necklace that you already6 c13 what you wear them with what ever.you almost do not see the metal when you put these in your ear, all you see a yet they glow. they look so pretty on the year.ear. >>guest:they have a movement and i tend to play with them a little bit by moving my head, i do think that they bring so
was have been injured. refugees surged into neighboring turkey, jordan, lebanon and iraq taxing the limits of those countries and creating a regional crisis. assad's escalation of violence has reached the point where fighter jets have been used to kill civilians according to human-rights watch. hard to comprehend that happening in any country but that is what has played out. this regime's shocking capacity for widespread terror will only grow as we see reports that chemical weapons have been prepared for use. international institutions will largely remain on the sidelines, held hostage by the reprehensible policies of the russian and chinese governments. maybe there is change. we will see what happens. the administration was right to initially work with the united nations but unfortunately due to chinese and russian in transitions these efforts have only served to prolong suffering of the syrian people. we need a new course. ambassador ford, you heard from him already, ambassador ford has led the charge in coordinating humanitarian assistance. let me share a few thoughts on this brave amer
-- $3 billion in military aid awarded israel with our tax dollars every year -- is clear and always has been. meanwhile, we must carry an extra sense of humility when it comes to an indimming now movement -- indigenous movement, in this case both as jews and americans. and that means listening when we are given the opportunity to support the oppressed. in 2005 palestinian civil society issued a call for boycott, divestment and sanctions, bds, against israel until it complies with international law and ends its illegal occupation, implements full equality for palestinians inside israel and promotes the right of return for palestinian refugees. all of these three things are also inscribed in international law. the call does not specify what the solution should look like necessarily. behind this call stands the largest breadth and broadest consensus of palestinian voices to my knowledge. it has been signed by more than 170 organizations representing all segments of palestinian civil society including unions, all major political parties, human rights organizations and more. the growing glob
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